Have you lost something??

Unbeknownst to me, I have ‘lost something’.  I have no idea what, where or when, but a local man placed a cryptic phone call to one of the Kevo staff members’ cell phones to inform him simply that “the American girl has lost something”.  According to the recipient of this unsatisfactorily vague phone call, the caller then just hung up with no further explanation.  Personally, I would have been much more grateful for the shout-out had the caller told us either a ‘what’ or a ‘where’, or even a ‘when’.  The funniest part about the whole thing is that I keep getting asked if I’ve lost something by all the various members of staff and researchers here at the Kevo site.  Apparently the story of the phone call has spread, but not that I have been informed and quizzed, and am ignorant of, and somewhat concerned about, what exactly I’ve lost.  My biggest fear was that my ‘lost’ item was actually all my scientific equipment that I’ve (hopefully) permanently installed at my field site, and that this taciturn good Samaritan would take it upon himself to extract and bring it all back to me.  I visited my field site yesterday and all my equipment appears to be in order, but it did remind me that I should draft a sign informing passersby of the permanent and delicate nature of my installations.  And so the mystery of my missing item(s) continues.  And all this still leaves me wondering: how did he know I was American??

2 thoughts on “Have you lost something??

  1. Bwahaha!! Hope there is a hilarious postscript in which you discover the “lost” item, or at least meet the phone caller?! I tell you what we are missing over here: YOU. Big hugs from WA!!!! Love, El & Hez

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