Fjords v. Squirrels

Abigail (sister #4) has been visiting me here in Finland for the last three weeks, which has been fabulous.  Here follows a photographic journey of our post-Eurovision time together, including a trip around a Norwegian fjord, some field work, some row boats, and some seriously adorable Finnish squirrels.

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Marry Me Finland!

This has been a big week here in Finland.  I went to Helsinki for a Fulbright event early last week, and picked up my little sister Abigail who’s here for a 3-week visit.  I took Abby on a crazy 1-day whirlwind tour of Helsinki before dragging her up into the ridiculously secluded far north of Lapland.  The cherry on top of this week has been Eurovision 2013, the European song contest.  But first things first: Abigail’s grand tour of Helsinki. Abby and K at Sibelius Monument Continue reading

Kevät on tullut!

Spring has officially arrived in Finland!  The melting snow is uncovering winter’s indiscretions, from plow-damaged benches and bicycles to an staggering amount of winter clothing and 6 months of until-now frozen dog waste.  Probably most surprising has been how green the ground plants are immediately upon freedom from the snow.

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A Mags-ified Finland: Guest Post!

Sound bite:

Why does your nose run so much in the cold?

In the cold, your nose works like a radiator. To keep your nose warm, your body increases blood flow to your nose and the blood vessels expand so that as much warm blood as possible pumps through your nose. 92% of blood is water and because of all that extra blood flowing under the skin-surface of your nose, the water starts to drip out of your nose. The minute you go inside your nose warms up, the blood vessels contract and your nose will stop dripping. This mechanism is astoundingly reliable. In the cold, your nose works like a leaky radiator.

Visiting Kim in Finland

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A semi-frantic January

So 2013 has been a bit of a whirlwind so far – right after the new year, Brandon and I headed down to Helsinki to spend a few days ‘on vacation’ before he left to head back to the States.  We tootled around the city, saw some sites, went to a history museum, but mostly just spent a lot of time together, which was great.  Since then it’s been a snow sporting bonanza!

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