Joulua (Christmas)

Finland is famous for Christmas, this we know, but how does an American couple with minimal friends celebrate this most festive of days in Rovaniemi?  Let me show you!

Step 1: Moomin-themed chocolate advent calendar!  Because what’s better than getting a little chocolate infusion every day to brighten up the season, eh?!

Brandon and Pikku Myy Pikku Myy finished!








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Talvipäivänseisauksen Rovaniemellä (Midwinter in Rovaniemi)

Today is the winter solstice (aka: midwinter), making this the darkest day of the year!  Speaking from the admittedly-biased perspective of the Northern Hemisphere, I’m gonna drop some astronomical science on you, in honor of this short, dark day.

First, a question for the audience:  What causes the seasons?  (dig deep in your mind back to 7th grade physical earth science)  You have the space of 2 random pictures from Rovaniemi to solidify your answer…

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Pikkujoulu! (Christmas party)

Christmas is a BIG holiday here in Finland, and particularly so in Rovaniemi, home of the one-and-only real Santa Claus!  Pikkujoulu (pee-coo-yo-lou), or Christmas parties, are therefore taken pretty seriously.  A person can attend multiple ‘pikkujoulu’ during the holiday season with your various social groups (work, friends, family), and the first round of them occur on the last Friday of November (or as close to Nov. 30 as possible).

Metla pikkujoulu

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Mitä kuuluu, Rovaniemi?!

So a couple of important things have happened in the last 2 weeks.  1) I moved from my field site in Kevo down to Rovaniemi, where I’ll be based for the next few months.  It was a little sad, since Kevo was the closest thing I had to ‘home’ here in Finland, but Rovaniemi is more than making up for it.  And 2) Brandon moved here!  He had a bit of a whirlwind adventure getting here with only a week turnaround from his trip to Nigeria, but he’s here now, and apart from a mild flu that we are ping-ponging between us, it’s been smooth sailing for him so far.

This is our building:

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