Me and the IRMS: A Magnetic Tale

I have spent the last 2 weeks here in Kuopio dancing attendance upon an analytical machine by the name of a GC-IRMS.  This stands for Gas Chromatograph Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer.  I’m just gonna call it the IRMS from here on out.  The IRMS is the machine that analyzes the isotopic signature of various compounds, and it does this thanks to a really big, really fancy magnet.

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Run, Rudolph, Run!

Ah, March.  Pretty much everyone I know here has told me that March is the best month of Finland’s winter.  It’s relatively warm, actually sunny, and the days are getting longer and longer, so you can enjoy it all.  This means excellent skiing conditions, and I have had the great pleasure to watch some professionals at play.

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