Ruoka! (food)

It’s time to talk food.  I’ve been here 10 weeks, and since eating is my favorite thing to do, I’ve dedicated considerable effort to experiencing a variety of Finnish cuisine.  Don’t tell the Finns, but Finnish food is known for being heavy, fatty and lacking in variety, as meat, potatoes and butter are staples (I’m not even kidding, people carry around their own personal butter containers).  I keep thinking how much my Dad would like it here – you have meat for all 3 meals, every day, and butter-slathering and saltiness is a given.  There is a modern movement towards reinventing the classic Finnish cuisine, using all the traditional ingredients but putting a fresher, healthier spin on the preparation.  While I admit to a troublesome lack of variety in the flavors and spices used, I have been pleasantly surprised by the food, and anyone who thinks otherwise should consider taking a culinary tour of northern Nigeria…. Continue reading

Mitä kuuluu, Rovaniemi?!

So a couple of important things have happened in the last 2 weeks.  1) I moved from my field site in Kevo down to Rovaniemi, where I’ll be based for the next few months.  It was a little sad, since Kevo was the closest thing I had to ‘home’ here in Finland, but Rovaniemi is more than making up for it.  And 2) Brandon moved here!  He had a bit of a whirlwind adventure getting here with only a week turnaround from his trip to Nigeria, but he’s here now, and apart from a mild flu that we are ping-ponging between us, it’s been smooth sailing for him so far.

This is our building:

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